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    Mini Stun Gun 6500KV and Bright LED Torch with Rubber Handlebar, gray and black

    Our Price:  $30.90

    Brand New
    Shock: 6500KV 
    Product Weight: 70G
    Two-in-one function: Powerful Shocker and LED Light 
    Power source: 2xCR123A Batteries (not included)
    Ergonomic Design
    High Impact-resistant Plastic Structure
    Safety Switch to avoid coincident operation
    High Brightness LED Light
    Rubber grip for tight handling
    Free Pouch

    Effects of the unit:

    A short blast of 1/4 second duration will startle an attacker, cause minor muscle contractions and have a repelling effect.
    A moderate length blast of 1 to 4 seconds can cause an attacker, to fall to the ground and result in some mental confusion. It may  make an assailant unwilling to continue an attack, but he will be able to get up almost immediately.
    A full charge of 5 seconds can immobilize an attacker, causing disorientation, loss of balance, falling to the ground and leave them weak and dazed for some minutes afterward.
    Any blast lasting over 1 second is likely to cause your assailant to fall.
    The stun gun will have an effect anywhere on the body but the maximum effect is in these areas: upper shoulder, upper hip, below rib cage.


    A stun gun is a legal (check state & local laws) EID, Electronic Immobilization Device that emits high voltage shock. It is the responsibility of the buy NOT the seller to ascertain and obey all applicable laws, local, state, and federal, regarding use and ownerships of EID’s.  If you are unsure, contact your local law enforcement agency.  Federal law prohibits this item inside any airport or carry on baggage.



    By purchasing this product the buyer represents that the product will be used only in a lawful manner.  No warranty or responsibility of the use of the EID is expressed or implied by manufacturer and/or seller of this product. Neither shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct, indirect or consequential, arising from the use, misuse, or inability of the product.  Prior to application, the user shall determine the suitability of the product for the intended use.  User assumes all risks and liability whatsoever in connection therewith, as the manufacturer and seller have no control over the storage, handling. Use or application of the product.  Both disclaim responsibility for any unsatisfactory results obtained.  All recommendations and sales are made on condition that manufacturer and/or seller will not be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this product.  By purchasing you agree to these terms and conditions.  The foregoing may not be changed except by an agreement in writing by an officer of the manufacturer.